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Traditional Platforms/Tools give lesser control over the Flow and Required Data, SmartDT addresses this with a simple reusable flow.

Traditional Platforms are Expensive to Buy (License Costs) & also Expensive to Implement & Maintain (High Professional Services Cost).
SmartDT addresses both the above aspects SMARTLY.


  • At its core SmartDT uses the basic process of Input-Transform-Output. These rules are parsed out of JSON files (Configuration and Mapping).

  • SmartDT is built using JAVA and open-source libraries. This approach has made it not as expensive as the existing Traditional Platforms/Tools which are being used in todays Data Transformation/Transportation Projects.

  • Besides being able to extract, transform and transport from structured sources, SmartDT is capable of doing the same from PDFs, Images and most non-structured data easily and SMARTLY.


Analyzing the data

Almost all businesses are still working out what will be their most optimised way of handling their GST processing.


Majority of the businesses are dealing with this process by increasing their work force which always has these two components:

  •  Cost of maintaining the human capital.

  •  Higher risk of error due to human intervention and related dependencies

Our solution helps to resolve the above challenges by Automating the whole Process or Automating parts of the the process (based on the needs of the business) to assist the businesses to optimise their productivity.

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SingleTouch GST

Data Cloud

Managing your gst Smartly.

Travel Industry Specific Solution that helps the Travel Industry Businesses to Automate their GST workflow either fully or in parts (based on their needs)

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Computer Robot

SmartRecon allows configuration based Reconiliation of Data.

SmartRecon was built along the lines of SmartDt where the code flow has been made configurable.

SmartRecon allows code based flows which give you a full control on your reconciliation process.

Unlike traditional ETL tools SmartRecon can be custom built for your reconciliation requirements.


Stock Market Chart

SmartSignal is our Custom Automated Newsletter for Retail Investors.

This Newsletter is Automatically Gena rated and  Contains Stock Prices and Other Trade Instrument Signals which are easy to act upon for Retail Investors.

These Signals are Generated Purely based on Probability Patterns, which eliminate the need guesswork and Speculation in Prices and give a Statistical viewpoint for a Retail Investor.

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