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GST automated SMARTLY



Almost all businesses are still working out what will be their most optimised way of handling their GST processing.


Majority of the businesses are dealing with this process by increasing their work force which always has these two components.

  • Cost of maintaining the human capital

  • Higher risk of error due to human intervention and related dependencies


Our solution helps to resolve the above challenges by Automating the whole Process or Automating parts of the the process (based on the needs of the business) to assist the businesses to optimise their productivity.

How It Works

SingleTouch GST at it core relies on our SmartDt Transformation framework.

  • This is a Data -Transform-Data platform which can be reused multiple times to extract layers of Information from existing GST invoices.

  • This Programmatic process automates your existing manual processes. Thus speeding up the GST processing and providing you accuracy.

  • We can have a detailed sit-down and analyse your existing requirements to plugin our solution.

  • Please use our form for a Quote.

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