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Process Consulting

Our solutions do not purely focus on cost cutting of legacy solutions.

We believe in  achieving maximum productivity with the current employees by using new automated solutions.

With our experience in both Business processes and IT systems we help clients look at their own business processes from a  new perspective and allowing our client’s to unlock efficiency gains which are hidden in their processes.

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Automation Consulting

​We firmly believe that there is no “one-size-fits all” approach to Automation of Solutions.

Current large scale Automation Frameworks are too big to use and unwieldy for many 


We bring in efficiencies by incorporating Targeted Automation Solutions like Document Transformation (using our product SmartDT), Flow Automation, Data Capture and Reporting Automation.

We bring in Industry Best Practices in:  

  • Automation Solutions in Data Processing

  • Automation Solutions in Data Transformation

  • Screen Automation

  • Reporting Automation

Analyzing the data
Data Consulting

Did you just spend a Million dollars to get an excel report?

Our vast experience has shown us that often clients spend Millions of dollars chasing buzzwords like big-data with no substantial process gains and at times not even reporting gains.

We can take your data and give you insights into your data at a cost  efficient scale using our in-house development teams.

Our data process experts have experience on a wide range of machine learning technologies which help us understand data and guide you through what you can actually do with your data.

Data Cloud
Cloud Services

We provide ML and AI based Cloud services consulting to help clients navigate through the new challenges of applying AI and ML techniques to their data.

We Provide

  • AWS Machine Learning Consulting

  • AWS SageMaker Consulting

  • Google Cloud ML Consulting

  • Evaluating and Training Data

Analyzing the data

We assist our clientele in managing their workforce during the need of ramping-up or ramping-down their workforce for their projects in a very customised manner.

For any assignments, we first understand the needs of our clients in details.


We then run our matching process on the consultant profiles within our network of consultants to find out the right profile.


Post this identification process, we conduct a series of discussions with those identified profiles to find out the best fit for the requirement.


These profiles are them shared with our clients for them to evaluate them.

Our goal here is to strive to present consultants who would get acknowledged by our clients as "assets" in their team .

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