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Automated Signals Service For Investors

The Average Retail Investor relies upon Speculation and Guesswork to analyse various Stocks or Instruments.


These decisions could be based either on Technical analysis  or Fundamental Analysis.

With SmartSignal we provide a daily Newsletter tailored to an Investors Portfolio which would Include the related Candle Pattern Signal (Bullish,Bearish) when triggered.


  • Automated news Letter, Sent everyday after market close, based on three exchanges.(NSE, ASX,S&P).

  • Can be on top Index stocks or your custom portfolio.

  • Based on Technical Patterns.

  • Purely meant to help the Retail Investor and not tied to advertising shares.

  • For a Sample Report Click Here

  • For Further details and full Signal Report,Contact


  • Based on Technical Indicators.

  • Automation avoids data bias and conflicts of Interest when picking a Signal.

  • Can be tailored to a variety of stocks.

  • Built in-house to with our existing skills on Statistical Programming.

  • For more Information on Technical Analysis Refer to  Wikipedia.

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